I’m Daleep Chhabria… Marketer. Lover of tech. Hobby drummer. Philanthropist.

I’ve journeyed through a variety of tech companies, from startups to corporates, within digital channels, retail / eCommerce, interactive entertainment software (video games), and telecoms operators.

I’ve remained open to the changes and challenges within these ever-evolving businesses, embracing the opportunities this has brought that have led to some mind-blowing situations and experiences.

I’ll share some of my experiences, strategies, observations and opinions from my career and in business, about marketing, the digital revolution, and career management.

You can follow me on Twitter, or view my LinkedIn profile.

Music and drumming are part of my soul. I’ve set up a band, played some gigs for fun, quit for a while, and I’ll set up another band. I can’t imagine life without the ability to make music.

Philanthropy is part of my belief system. We all should do something to help those who need some help. It will give you a great feeling.