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I’m a marketer by trade. But I love the concept of giving, and doing good for others through a combination of thought, effort and expertise.

So I combined them.

I’m now dedicated to helping people and businesses get to a much better place.

I do this in a few different ways (details below).

"In life, we just help each other out."


I leverage my expertise for others

After 16 years in employment, building expertise in multiple marketing disciplines, working cross-functionally to drive growth within a variety of sectors and through the value chain, I began to leverage my expertise for the benefit of others.

I launched Growth Forte, a boutique consultancy helping businesses achieve strategy-led growth, underpinned by broad marketing expertise that’s hard to find. Visit growthforte.com for free marketing content and to learn more about working with me.

I teach about marketing through various methods and channels. These include my consulting clients, private training, speaking at events, and students of marketing at educational establishments.

I build organisations

Leveraging my expertise for the benefit of others is extremely rewarding and satisfying through my consulting work, teaching and speaking.

Taking the leap from employed to self-employed has profoundly benefited my ability to generate new business ideas and evaluate opportunities. I unintentionally became an entrepreneur.

I leverage this by building businesses and organisations of my own or with others.

Read below about FreeMind and JFGiveIt.


Business Growth Consulting:
Growth Forte

I leverage my expertise in business and marketing to help smaller businesses, and people interested in advancing their careers in marketing.

There are businesses out there that cannot get access to an expert usually due to cost, so I developed a business model to solve that.

Many experienced marketers have only traditional roots, whilst many newer (digital-native) marketers lack understanding of the fundamentals. Both types face career and performance risks so I leverage my journey to help their careers, and produce better work. 

Learn more at growthforte.com.

FreeMind launch post

Mindset Management:

The mind is most neglected, and I want to improve the lives of millions (billions, actually).

So with two co-founders we built FreeMind, a health and wellbeing organisation dedicated to making the world a happier place.

We’ve made a collection of powerful guided meditations, combined with motivational psychology, and beautiful cinematic music, that blends traditional mindfulness tools with more advanced modern techniques.

I also wanted to people to access these essential tools for free (read why in my blog post).

Download now for iPhone or Android.

Learn more at freemindhub.com.


A Community of Generous People:
Event Gathering

In life, we just help each other out.

If we all did this more consciously and with intent, the world will be a much better place.

My mission is to find and connect people who think like this. People who are excited about helping others, whether professionally or not is irrelevant.

I like to bring people together for positive experiences and outcomes. These events will attract people who will set out to help someone else, not for what they can get for themselves.

Get notified about the next events (London).


My favourite ‘social snacking’ platform.

Sharing details about all of my activities.

Sharing marketing and growth expertise, mainly for Growth Forte.

My global phone book for talking to just about anyone.

My go-to additional platform for blogging and learning from others.