Daleep Chhabria


A veteran of marketing (20 years) having done some cool and fun things like being responsible for the launch and growth of the BAFTA award winning Call of Duty brand. I started working on Call of Duty when it was a concept on paper with the goal of turning it into a household name. This was fun (and a lot of hard work!).

I took a decidedly broad journey through marketing because I value breadth, learning and experience. So I worked in a variety of sectors and roles such as advertising (Saatchi & Saatchi), marketing research (Taylor Nelson, GfK Marketing Services), retail marketing (Dixons/Currys/PC World), eCommerce (Gameplay.com), brand management (Call of Duty), and propositions (Three, /Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile).

But most of this was in the age of digital-infancy. So since then, I’ve had to work very hard to stay relevant.


Over the journey I’ve concluded that marketing has become a confusing and overwhelming mess. There’s too much choice, and not enough strategy. At the same time, smaller businesses will struggle to grasp marketing, often receiving poor advice, and I get the feeling that younger marketers aren’t being taught what marketing is really about.

So I use my breadth of experience and aggressive learning to help these groups through consulting, coaching and mentoring smaller companies and entrepreneurs, and also people learning about marketing. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t have access to the kind of expertise normally reserved for large companies with fat budgets. So I make this possible for them. I hate to see the wastage caused by their mistakes.