Giving You FreeMind

This is a milestone moment in my career.

And in my life.

I’m nothing short of ecstatic right now!

My co-founders and I have launched … FreeMind.

We think of it as providing the world with the best tools for ‘The Art & Science of Being’.

In practical terms, FreeMind is about meditations for modern life.

So why is this such a milestone moment for me?

Since the beginning of my career, I’ve worked for others. I’ve enjoyed it, had a successful career whilst employed, built some amazing brands and businesses.

But it’s really the employers that got most of the benefit. That’s just how it is when you’re employed and I was fine with it.

I built amazing skills and experience which cannot be taken away and continue to compound in value as I like to keep adding by learning and doing.

Then about 16 years later, in 2015 I started consulting.

I really enjoyed helping others. Small businesses, usually.

They valued the expertise and experience of working with me.

I valued the variety of business and challenges and got to use the breadth of my skillset.


Summer 2017

A good friend, Naresh Asnani, introduced me to Tom Fortes Mayer. Tom had created something I thought was special. Something that can really help others. And I was drawn to the possible outcomes of bringing that to market.

After a few meetings at Ivy Cafe in St. John’s Wood, London, we jointly decided to become co-founders in a new business under the brand: FreeMind.

December 2017

But my life was about to change that December when I suffered a nasty ankle injury and couldn’t walk for 3 months, and couldn’t do any consulting work for most of 2018.

The only thing I could do, because it wasn’t ‘client facing’, was work even more on FreeMind.

So I did. Relentlessly and meticulously. Through the ups and downs and with a great support system between the co-founders.

Naresh had gifted me a copy of Never Eat Alone, whilst I was hobbling around on crutches. I did have a lot of time, and frankly I needed it to get my mind off my health issues.

But in work and business, this was a tough phase in my life because of the adverse effect on my mindset, of near enough having to stop my bread-winning business of consulting.

Simultaneously, this book was extracting parts of me that had been dormant for 20+ years.

I’m talking about my approach to others. Giving. Helping. Caring. These are all goverened by ‘generosity’.

These became big themes within my core.

Tom had created sample recordings which we were sharing with potential investors. I listened to these recordings repeatedly, and one day began to notice real changes from within.

Changes that were exceptionally good. I would say, transformational!

I began to share these recordings with people I came across whom I felt could benefit. I didn’t tell them about our business and the upcoming app.

This was an act of giving, and helping, because it worked for me, and I cared enough to help them. And it felt good no matter whether it helped them or not.

The feedback from these people was exceptionally positive. So I knew I had helped them. This felt really good.

FreeMind continued to develop towards launch-readiness.

But for me, these two things, my core desire to help, and my ever-improving mindset have fused together into something that powerfully drives what I do every day.

I continued to expand the ways in which I would give and help:

Consulting work. Sharing meditation recordings. Introducing people. Events. Talks and speaking. Mentoring. The list grew and I do all of it.

My work bears no resemblance to what I did during the first 15 years of my career, I have never been happier with what I do, and I’m so excited to grow these themes, and especially, to reach and help as many people as possible with FreeMind.

I woke up one morning a few months ago and immediately thought, we can help millions of people. And then I thought, no… billions. That’s what I want. To help billions of people with FreeMind, like it first helped me.

So one of my stipulations with my co-founders was to give some of our best content absolutely free.

I said give. And we are giving. I just hope they take.

The mind is most neglected. Personally, these meditations have changed my perspectives and transformed my outcomes in challenging times.

If you’ve read this far, know that this is for you.

Please take.

Download for iPhone.

Download for Android.

Be well.

With sincerity,


p.s. My co-founders met for a celebratory breakfast at Ivy Cafe, St. John’s Wood, one day before launch where we captured this pic.